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Jews in Ireland

Selected Publications about Jews in Ireland. Compiled by Alan P. Marcus

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Selected Books

Beatty, Aidan and Dan O’Brien (Eds.). 2018. Irish Questions and Jewish Questions. Crossovers in Culture. NY: Syracuse University Press.

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Academic Journal Articles

Cohen, Isaac. 1964. “Ireland.” The American Jewish Yearbook (65): 201-208.

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Newspaper Articles

Roche, Barry. 2017. “History of Cork’s Jewish community to be commemorated.Irish Times. May 14, 2017.

McGarry, Patsy.  2017. “Ireland’s Jewish population rises by almost 30%. Number of Jews in State reaches 2,557 with over half of them living in Dublin.Irish Times. Friday, October 13, 2017.

McGarry, Patsy.  2017. “Census figures for Ireland’s Jewish population in 2016 not what they seem. Hundreds of families in high tech industries have returned to Israel since Census night.Irish Times. Friday, November 14, 2017.

Kilmainham Jail Summary


Irish Jewish Museum

Dublin: The Cultural Guide to Jewish Europe

Irish Central: “Vanishing tribe – Ireland’s Jewish community fades further each year.

Jewish Communities in Ireland

European Jewish Congress. Ireland’s Cork Jewish community to be commemorated.

The Irish Story: “A Stroll Through Jewish Dublin.

The Jewish Traveler: Dublin. Hadassah Magazine

Ireland: Home to a Jewish Community for more than 1,000 Years. World Jewish Congress.

Selected Book Publications by David Marcus

Marcus, David. 2001.  Oughtobiography.  Leaves from the Diary of a Hyphenated Jew.  Dublin: Gill & McGillan.

Marcus, David.  2004.  Buried Memories.  Cork: Marino.

Marcus, David. 1986.  A Land Not Theirs.  Dublin: Poolbeg Press, Ltda.

Marcus, David. [1988] 1990. Who Ever Heard of an Irish Jew? London: Corgi Books.

Marcus, David. 1954. To Next Year in Jerusalem. London: MacMillan & Co.

Prone, Terry. 2016. “David Marcus was the lapsed Jew from Cork who did so much to encourage Irish writers.”  Monday July 25, 2016. Irish Examiner.

“Why Ita Daly had to tell the story of David Marcus.” July 20, 2016. Irish Times. 

On Jews in Lithuania

Hundert, David Gershon.  2004. Jews in Poland-Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century.  A Genealogy of Modernity.  Berkeley: University of California Press.

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“The Marcus Name in History.”  2007.  Utah: The Generation Network, Inc.