Marcus Family Reunion


The Marcus Family Reunion will be held in Dublin from midday on Monday 31 July 2023 to morning of Thursday 3 August 2023.

Schedule Overview
The main event – the Reunion Dinner – will be held on the evening of Tuesday 1 August. There will be activities organised for afternoon on Monday 31 July, and for morning, afternoon & evening on Tuesday 1 August and Wednesday 2 August. There will be no formal activities on Thursday 3 August other than hotel check-out and goodbyes.


Accommodation details
After researching a number of possible hotel venues in Dublin City, the organising committee has pre-selected the Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge as the preferred base hotel for the Reunion. The Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge is a mid-range priced hotel offering excellent accommodation, facilities and food. It is conveniently located and has excellent public transport links as well as extensive parking on premises.

Subject to the number of rooms we book as a group, the organising committee will be able to negotiate a discount off the rack rates.

Of course there is no obligation or compulsion for anyone to stay at the Clayton Hotel Ballsbridge. Attendees are free to stay wherever they prefer in Dublin.